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Our mission is to provide services to youth and adults by incorporating values, developing individual talents and leadership skills and promoting social wellbeing through a variety of mechanisms.

We know that our youth in Canton and Madison County are brilliant, creative, and full of potential. To show them that we believe in their abilities and are a community devoted to their future, we are in need of your generous support. Our world is diverse and rich in culture and knowledge. Most of our children are only exposed to a fraction of this domain because they only interact with youth who come from their neighborhoods. In a world that is more connected and more diverse than ever, they want to connect and participate fully in the global community. Your support will help us prepare our children to think globally while affecting change locally.

For these reasons, the Pine Grove Association of Canton, Mississippi, and other partners, established the Madison Area Global Innovation Collaborative (MAGIC) to advance global learning and competence among middle school youth.


Invest in transforming a community and empowering youths and adults. Invest in the future!

Your donation to our cause helps us do more and expand on our reach. Every gift is put towards activities, programs, education, personal development, and more. It helps projects come to life and helps us progress at an amazing speed. Give at your own time and give what you can.


P.O. Box 36,

Canton MS 3046



Our mission is to provide services to youth and adults by incorporating values, developing individual talents and leadership skills and promoting social wellbeing through a variety of mechanisms.

Pine Grove Association guides youths and adults towards a healthy lifestyle, good character, compassion, and belonging. We serve these unique demographic with consistent dedication.

​The outcomes of our community and programs include:


Pine Grove Association began its journey in 1992 when Rufus and Aggie Carson donated their land, building materials and cost of construction to establish the Pine Grove Community Center. It has been over 26 years since that time and Pine Grove has grown from just a community center to a world-impacting association.

Pine Grove Association is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for all who come in contact with us. We have established a place for adults and youths to feel safe and comfortable while exploring growth, capabilities, and social skills with our educative, fun programs.


We are excited to begin implementation of the First Tee Program for youth in Canton in June 2021. We are part of the Central Mississippi group.

The program will impact the lives of the young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.


The lessons are centered around nine core values that have proven to develop good golfers – and even better people. Those values are Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Respect, Perseverance, Responsibility, Courtesy and Judgment.  These experiences equip participants with a set of life skills that allow them to face challenges at home, school and play in a constructive manner.


We are seeking sponsors to assist youth who may not have the funds to participate, but would benefit greatly from the program.   The cost of the nine-week program is $100 per youth.  The age group that we are targeting is youth ages 7 to 12.    It will cost approximately $5000 to help offset the cost to operate program while also providing a financial scholarship for the participants.



The community depends on us in so many ways and we depend right back on the community to give us the support we always need.

The Center for Global Education of New York, has noted that MAGIC has the potential to be a national model. Our collaboration will impact our youth and bring distinction to Canton and Madison County. Thanks for helping our children develop into future leaders!

Your tax-deductible donation will help us develop our youth into globally-prepared leaders. A donation request form is included with this letter for your convenience. We accept payments by check, through our website, and with CashApp: $PineGroA. Please contact me at 601-955-1132 or if you need additional information.

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